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Mutual Funds
Padmakshi Financial Services Limited are approved distributors for a number of Mutual Fund houses. We back this with our in house periodic evaluation of all the schemes offered by the various fund houses to enable us to offer you unbiased advice on the products that best suit your needs and periodic reports to review the performance of your investments.
Our recommendations are based on a process driven evaluation of qualitative issues such as the reputation of the fund house and fund manager as well as quantitative issues such as consistent Performance track record against major indices and peers, liquidity and size.
Mutual funds are trusts that pool money from a number of investors who share a common objective, and are managed by professional fund manager(s). The money collected is invested in a diverse range of capital market instruments such as shares, debentures and other securities depending upon the scheme's stated objective and strategy. Mutual funds offer an opportunity to invest in a cost effective and liquid basket of securities that may also offer some tax benefits.
Convenience to make investments.
Professional fund management.
Diversified range of products.
Low cost through economies of scale.
Well regulated.
Tax benefits.
  Unb iased recommendation of the type of scheme that best suits your requirements and an appropriate
    selection of professionally managed schemes.
  Periodic holdings report to review position and performance.
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