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Portfolio Management Services
Investors seek to maximize returns without capital erosion In the long run, productive equities as an asset class outperforms all other asset classes. However investments in equity require a disciplined approach to monitor investments and divestments. Furthermore, in today's complex financial environment, equity investments must match individual clients unique risk appetite and financial goals.

Padmakshi brings more than 20 years of experience in stock market activities supplemented by professional experts in research and fund management.

Padmakshi offers a customized Portfolio Managements Service to help meet their client's personal objectives. Investing through our PMS can assure you of implementation of the best investment ideas based on macro and micro analysis. Our research capabilities also service leading Banks, Mutual Funds and Insurance companies. Our Investment Committee makes a collective decision on your corpus and investments.

Investments would be made on the understanding of the client's risk and product appetite. The investment philosophy would consider a top-down approach, identifying leaders and potential leaders, with a proven growth track record. The aim would be to maximize returns along with capital preservation through buy and hold strategies based upon supporting stock price valuations. If the entry price and selection of sectors/companies is right, it may be possible to outperform the general market. There would also be a strict adherence to SEBI Regulations.

Portfolio based on client's risk profile and product appetite.
Transparency in Portfolio & each head of expense.
Periodic client reporting.
Holding pattern not impacted by entry or exit of large investors.
No compulsion to invest if market conditions are not fruitful.
No entry/exit loads.

Customized Investment strategy driven by rigorous and unbiased research Systematic strategy to investments and divestments Portfolio churning only if required
In short, our Portfolio Management Services helps you be a part of the India Growth story.

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